• Financial Fraud Investigation

  • Digital Forensic Analysis

  • Intellectual Property Misappropriation

  • Money Laundering, Bribery & Corruption Detection

  • Cyber Security Threat Analysis and Remediation

  • Executive Screening


Intelligence Options investigates fraudulent, manipulative and conspiratorial activities threatening the success of individuals and companies throughout the world.  We are experts at uncovering conspiracies, thefts, embezzlement, insider trading, financial frauds, defamatory campaigns, money laundering, insurance frauds, the misappropriation of assets and intellectual property, counterfeiting, and other activities having deleterious effects on our clients. Our team, which includes investigators with a depth of experience in law enforcement, business, insurance and the financial sector, among others, has a sophisticated understanding of the various ways in which such circumstances arise and the potential damage they can cause without proper mitigation.  We conduct investigations and surveillance operations scaled to meet our clients’ needs, with a sophisticated ability to expose criminal and harmful activities. As necessary, we coordinate with law enforcement authorities on such operations, assisting in the apprehension of suspects, obtaining admissions of criminal wrongdoing and providing information leading to convictions and property recoveries. 

Our investigations also frequently result in recoveries taking the form of high dollar settlements and the enforcement of legal judgments, as we have a proven track record of uncovering information leading to the successful resolution of civil litigation.  Frequently, the facts we uncover reveal a cautionary tale for clients who are assessing potential deal partners.  By surfacing fraudulent alter-egos, questionable corporate structures or unsavory alliances, we spare our clients from engaging in partnerships likely to damage the stability of their businesses. We also help clients protect their long-term prospects for success by conducting pre-employment screenings and background investigations into individuals they consider hiring for executive positions. 

When precipitous downturns have already taken a toll on a company, we conduct investigations into conspiracies and image tarnishing defamatory campaigns contributing to the situation, employing intervention tactics to help our clients recover from the effects of such activities.

We also employ our investigative techniques to help companies conduct internal investigations and remain in compliance with regulatory requirements. When weaknesses are discerned, either on an institutional level or within their management teams, we support clients in the development of improved internal controls and procedural best practices. 


  • Competitive Analysis

  • Data Retrival

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Witness Identification

  • Damages Assessment

  • Litigation Strategy

Litigation Consulting

Intelligence Options has more than a decade of experience providing consulting services to companies considering or engaged in litigation. Using advanced forensic and data retrieval capabilities, we unravel complex transactions and relationships to understand factors giving rise to disputes and investigate witnesses and other involved parties. The intelligence gleaned and the advice we provide on tactical options for using such information help position our clients to achieve the best possible results in litigation. We provide further assistance by assessing the potential implications a dispute can have on our clients, their opponents and the relevant industries, and, taking all relevant information into account, advising on dispute resolution strategies that align with our clients’ overall business goals.


  • Business Stability Assessment

  • Financial Positioning Assessment

  • Operations Assessment

  • Investigation of Alliances, Partnerships and Networks

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Strategic Opportunities Assessment

Deal Diligence

Intelligence Options’ deal diligence services are designed to provide actionable intelligence which helps companies and individuals understand and mitigate investment risks associated with new ventures, acquisitions, mergers, strategic partnerships and business expansions. We look beyond deal specs and prima facie corporate records to discern whether infrastructure vulnerabilities, operational weaknesses, lack of financial controls or other compromising issues undermine the stability of investment targets. We also assess market conditions, contingent liabilities, competitive positioning and strategic alliances to advise clients on whether such factors could be determinative to the deal negotiations or the overall longevity of the enterprise.


  • Asset Tracing

  • Asset Confiscation

  • Assisting with Asset Repatriation

Concealed Asset Recovery

Intelligence Options handles all aspects of asset recovery on behalf of individuals, companies and governments, including tracing, confiscating and assisting with repatriation of assets. As technological developments have enabled fraudsters to conceal and transfer assets with greater ease, we have facilitated recoveries for clients by utilizing advanced forensic techniques coupled with an international network of Intelligence Options associates that are quickly mobilized throughout the world based upon client needs. Our longstanding professional relationships with law enforcement and federal and international governments further our ability to successfully recover assets for our clients.

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